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Specialized in metallic butt-welding fittings for 22 years

Fixed-point pipe fittings  manufacturer for Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC

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Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.

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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.



Safety production standardization secondary enterprise certificate
Secondary Enterprise Certificate for Safety Production Standardization Safety production standardization refers to the establishment and development of safety management systems and operating procedu
High-tech Product Certification in Anhui Province
High-tech products refer to brand-new products that meet national and provincial hi-tech key scopes, technical fields, and product reference catalogues. Or in the province for the first time the repla
AAA Credit Rating Certificate
Release time:
2018-03-26 20:55
3A credit rating certification (Credit rating certification (AAA Credit Rating) is under the guidance and support of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the M
PED/AD2000 certificate
Release time:
2018-03-26 20:53
PED Certification Full Name: Pressure Equipment (PED) Certification The Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC is a directive. Any equipment with a design pressure of more than 0.5 bar, regardless
ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
The full name of ISO14001 certification is the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, which refers to the conformity assessment activities conducted by a third-party certification bod
ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate
Release time:
2018-03-26 20:50
In 1979, it approved the establishment of the Quality Management and Quality Assurance Technical Association (ISO/TC176). In 1987, it issued the world's first international standard for quality manage
CQO Chief Quality Officer
Release time:
2018-03-04 17:52
首席质量官(CQO)ChiefQualityOfficer的英文缩写 CQO主要负责企业长期质量战略规划的制定,短期质量计划的实施。CQO的使命就是为了应对急剧变化的生存环境,通过设计与建立动态的改进行动团队制度,有效而有序地策动变革、管理变革,从而使整个组织更好、更快、更经济地“第一次”就符合客户的要求。
P.R.China Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure piping components)
中华人民共和国特种设备(压力管道元件)制造许可证 特种设备是指涉及生命安全、危险性较大的锅炉、压力容器(含气瓶)、压力管道元件(阀门、管件、法兰、钢管)、电梯、起重机械、客运索道、大型游乐设施等。 压力管道,是指利用一定的压力,用于输送气体或者液体的管状设备,其范围规定为最高工作压力大于或者等于0.1MPa(表压)的气体、液化气体、蒸汽介质或者可燃、易爆、有毒、有腐蚀性、最高工作温度高于或者等于标
P.R.China Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure vessels)
中华人民共和国特种设备(压力容器)制造许可证 特种设备是指涉及生命安全、危险性较大的锅炉、压力容器(含气瓶)、压力管道元件(阀门、管件、法兰、钢管)、电梯、起重机械、客运索道、大型游乐设施等。 压力容器,是指盛装气体或者液体,承载一定压力的密闭设备,其范围规定为最高工作压力大于或者等于0.1MPa(表压),且压力与容积的乘积大于或者等于2.5MPa·L的气体、液化气体和最高工作温度高于或者等于标准
API ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
Release time:
2018-03-04 17:50
APIISO9001:2008证书 API是AmericanPetroleumInstitute即:“美国石油学会”的缩略语。API组织成立于1919年。该组织根据行业的特点和行业内自身的需要。在1924年制定了API规范,对石油行业相关产品的生产进行了技术规范指导。 ISO9001是质量管理体系认证国际标准;而API纲要规范作为质量体系认证标准外,根据行业中申请认证的企业所生产不同的产品,API
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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.